Website Hosting & Maintenance

WebCorrectly designs, develops and launches your website, and also provides continuing website hosting and maintenance services.

A website is a relationship. It requires ongoing support and maintenance, and we provide services that can be a resource for you if any technical issues emerge as your website drives your business forward.

If your business were a theater, WebCorrectly is your perpetual stage crew. We work backstage with scenery, props and special effects and we know exactly where and when to move objects and scenery so that you can absolutely shine in a perfectly orchestrated performance.

We offer numerous monthly website maintenance plans for diverse budgets that can include 24/7 web uptime, downtime, and performance monitoring. We also take care of backups, malware and virus scanning, hacker protection, broken link fixes, domain name management, and more.

WebCorrectly also offers web hosting that presents your site visitors with a smooth, engaging experience. Your site’s load speed and performance are absolutely critical. A site that won’t load will not attract or engage customers. Poor load speeds can also negatively affect your site’s search engine ranking. We offer services that continually monitor for and fix these problems, so that your site is always working in your favor.

  • We deliver outstanding monthly website hosting and maintenance services.
  • You can always cancel at any time.
  • We provide ongoing professional consulting to ensure the success of your project.
WebCorrectly is there when you need us

With WebCorrectly, our ongoing support services allow us to manage all of the technical IT-related tasks so you can spend your time on what is more important. We perform important tasks such as obtaining domain names, installing SSL Certificates, and DNS forwarding. We also provide database hosting and backing up to remote locations, and use advanced hardware firewalls to create a secure infrastructure to protect your website investment. In addition, we are committed to keeping your website online and operational with our near 100% uptime guarantee.

Never deal with
  • “My web designer won’t call me back.”
  • “I’ve been waiting for weeks for a small change on my site.”
  • “My web designer is too busy to help me.”
  • “I’m losing business because my website is down!”
We hear these statements almost daily!

To maintain organic search engine optimization, freshness & relevance, and basic performance, your website needs regular maintenance. This includes services such as ongoing updates, backups, and other technical support. As your success grows, your website traffic will also increase. We are here to ensure that as you grow and change, your website not only keeps up with your high volumes of traffic, but pioneers your business in your industry by anticipating changing trends and methods, and ensuring that your connectivity, is always on point, and your domain and SL certificate renewals and installations are always up to date. We make sure that absolutely nothing slows you down.

We recognize that our clients’ needs are diverse, so we offer maintenance and performance packages ranging from a few hours per month to more extensive monthly time commitments at discounted rates. These packages guarantee that our resources are always on standby to assist you in your most crucial moments.

Our response times are quick and issues are resolved promptly.
Let us help your webiste!